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Doctor Who Locations trips

Come with us on a jaunt through space and time to visit many of the locations used for filming in the popular TV series – although we will be going by coach rather than by police box, sorry!

Our South Wales weekend takes in numerous locations used for the “new” version of the show, although there will be one or two from the “classic” series too! Starting and finishing in Cardiff, the tour comes complete with a guide who not only is a huge fan of the series, but who was brought up in South Wales, and knows the area very well (that’ll be me, then). Where possible, we’ll also include some of the brand new locations used for filming the latest series, starring Peter Capaldi.

We don’t stop there though – our Wiltshire and Cotswolds days take in locations from the classic series, including some of the most iconic venues used to film the series, whilst the Dorset trail also takes in locations from the classic series (and this one includes a quarry!).

The series “Doctor Who” is copyright BBC – this is an absolutely unofficial weekend, and nothing whatsoever to do with the Beeb. No infringement of copyright is intended, but we unashamedly promote the series because we love it. That’s called “free advertising”, BBC.




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