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How many islands in Great Britain have you set foot on? A dozen? 20 maybe? You may be surprised to know that we reckon there are actually 670!!

Great Britain’s islands vary in size from Lewis and Harris (the biggest in Great Britain (apart from the mainland itself), and the well known such as Anglesey, Skye, and the Isle of Wight through to Little Eye, Ynys Beri or Eilean Mor (and you can google those last three yourself!).

Did you know that England has more than 250 of those islands? And that 93 of them can be found in the River Thames alone?? Did you know that Scotland has 232 islands larger than 100 acres in size? And that Wales only has 49 (and that’s being generous including tidal islands)?

So why not come along on one of our “island hopping” tours, and start “ticking” those islands off?



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